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Comet 209P (LINEAR)

Comet 209P (LINEAR) will pass Earth at just 8,296,593 kilometres (5.16 million miles) this month (May). It is expected that this close approach will result in debris from the comet being strewn in the path of Earth’s orbit likely causing a meteor shower on May 23rd/24th. Comet 209P is not likely to be a naked eye object as it is only expected to reach magnitude +10.

Comet LINEAR will be at its closest point to Earth at 07:50 UTC on May 29th. LIVE information ‘source data’ for the table below was updated on May 23rd, 2014.

Comet 209P’s Path

As it crosses Earth’s path this month (May), it is likely that debris from the comet will create a meteor shower here on Earth, nicknamed the ‘Camelopardalis’, which will initially be best viewed from the US and southern Canada.

209P is a Jupiter family comet that orbits the Sun every five years. Each orbit changes slightly due to the gravitational effects from the planet Jupiter.

Comet 209P LINEAR Animation